About the Journal

About the Journal

Milk Science International – Milchwissenschaft is a scientific, open access journal with a double-blinded review process. Scientists of all disciplines associated with milk and dairy production are invited to submit papers to the peer-reviewed journal   Milk Science International – Milchwissenschaft.

The main topics of the journal are following:

Dairy processing and technology

Milk and dairy products in human nutrition

Milk marketing and economics

Milk production

Dairy chemistry and physics

Dairy microbiology 

The principle aim of the journal is to present newest scientific knowledge in short and precise articles. The papers comprise original articles, short communications and letters to the editor. As editorial decisions do not depend on perceived significance or impact of a study authors should not hesitate to submit manuscripts reporting negative results.

A fee of 300 € is payable by the author(s) after acceptance of the paper.

The contact adress is: volker.kroemker@hs-hannover.de