Vol. 69 No. 4 (2016): milk science international_2016_18-22

Development of a novel white soft cheese using kefir starter cultures:
Microbiological, physicochemical and sensory properties

S.S. Awaisheh1*, T.M. Rababah2*, R.J. Rahahleh1, M.A. Haddad1, R. Al-Groom3, S.A. Ibrahim4

1 Food Microbiology and Safety Laboratory, Department of Nutrition and Food Processing, Faculty of
  Agricultural Technology- Balqa Applied University, P.O. Box 19117, Salt, Jordan
2 Faculty of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 3030, Irbid 22110,
3 Department of Food Science, Al-Balqa Applied University, 19237, Zarqa, Jordan
4 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Published: 2016-06-06